Sad News



Well, you may be wondering where we’ve been lately…  A couple of challenges have been missed and I’ve been MIA lately on and around the web.

I’m sad to say that our lives have become very FULL lately and our priorities and commitments are changing.  Of course, there are going to be some casualties in the process and sadly, this blog is one of them.

I started this blog on an impulse (as I often do things!) and didn’t realize the amount of work and organization it took to post a challenge every week.  Thank goodness for my incredible friends, my design team who stepped up to the plate and jumped in with both feet to help me along these last few months.  I love you, girls! xoxo

There are lots of reasons for deciding to step away from the computer, none of which I can honestly say that I am regretting.  The internet is both a blessing and a curse for me – I can be exposed to so many new ideas and information and inspiration.  But it also hinders my in-person relationships, fitness and health goals, not to mention productivity!

So with mixed feelings, I say good-bye to this brief chapter in my life.  I encourage you all to continue using up your excess products – don’t be afraid to dig into that new package of Thickers or to use a half a bottle of Stickles!

Wishing everyone lots of ideas and creativity,